The new director of MACRO, Luca Massimo Barbero, asked me to create an ad that would feel like a magazine cover - he wanted a different and fresh look, something that would stand out and grab the readers attention. I didn't like the existing logo they were using - it felt dated and over designed so i turned the word MACRO into a classic editorial type logo. I felt like it needed to be simpler yet stronger - something bold and timeless that would speak to an international art community. They loved the ad and asked me to do a few more as well as a couple of posters. This graphic style became their new look and identity.

 my logo
: my logo

 the first ad
: the first ad

ad for Arte e Critica
: ad for Arte e Critica

ad for Drome magazine
: ad for Drome magazine

 the poster
: the poster

 the poster
: the poster

foldable poster
: foldable poster


 the envelope
: the envelope

 existing logo, old logo
: existing logo, old logo

new logo
: new logo